Jennie Garth is Cooler Than 90210!


Photo by: Green Works

Jennie Garth is back in high school in the new 90210. This time around, she's a counselor at the school, not a student. Jennie Garth is now a mom of 3 but she's just as fabulous as she was on the old 90210 series!  In addition to juggling a TV series and family, she's been helping the Sierra Club.

Jennie has partnered with Green Works to design The Green Bag by Jennie Garth.  A portion of the proceeds from the bags are going to the Sierra Club.  I think the bags are darling and green! What's not to love?

Are you a 90210 fan? What do you think of the new show? Talk to me!

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Cafe... Cafe Kristen

I am totally addicted to the new show. Did you see the episode where Annie was going to lose her virginity? OMG, it was so good. I love seeing Jennie and Shannon on the show. But Brenda is looking weird. Plastic surgery, anyone?

AmaliaD AmaliaD

havent watched the show but she looks the same!

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

I love the new show and I loved the old show. I am so 90210 obsessed.

cldetary cldetary

I love the new 90210 (and obsessed too, Michelle, LOL!) but I think that it can stand on its own two feet and they do not need the the old cast back to Beverly Hills High.  I loved the old series, so don't get me wrong... but I think that Kelly, Benda and other alumni should stay out of the new series.

chris... chrissyb2287

I'm so addicted to this show too!  I have to admit I only started watching cause the old cast was going to be on (mostly Brenda) but I have sense come to love the new cast as well and agree they can stand on their own now! 

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