Charlotte Lewis Claims She Was Also Sexually Abused by Roman Polanski

Charlotte Lewis Photo, Roman Polanski

Photo by David Livingston/Getty

British actress Charlotte Lewis came forward Friday with claims that director Roman Polanski sexually abused her in 1982, when she was 16.

At a press conference Friday, Lewis said, "He knew [how old I was] when he met me and forced himself upon me in his apartment in Paris. He took advantage of me and I have lived with the effects of his behavior ever since it occurred. I've traveled to the US at my own expense to make sure that justice is finally done and that Mr. Polanski gets what he deserves. All I want is justice."

Polanski is currently under house arrest in Switzerland for decades-old charges of having unlawful sex with a minor in 1978 -- Samantha Geimer, who was 13 at the time. He fled the United States after pleading guilty to charges, but before he was sentenced. He was arrested in September 2009 in Switzerland, and prosecutors in Los Angeles have been fighting for his extradition to the United States.


While Lewis didn't comment as to if she'll press charges, she did say, "It is very important that the district attorney and the Swiss authorities are armed with this information as they decide Mr. Polanski's fate."

Lewis appeared in Seinfeld (as George's model girlfriend) as well as films such as Red Shoe Diaries, Renegade, and Highlander. Interestingly, she also appeared in the movie Pirates in 1986 (four years after the alleged incident), which was directed by Polanski.

While some call it curious that she'd wait all these years to come forward, if someone has been abused, I don't think it's ever too late to make the perpetrator pay. Her reasons don't need to be explained. If Polanski did commit the crime, then I hope he's punished to the full extent of the law.

As Lewis's famous attorney, Gloria Allred, said, "If the court believes and gives weight to Charlotte's allegations, then Mr. Polanski deserves no compassion for the commission of his original crime to which he entered a plea, and no compassion for his age or the number of years that have passed since that crime was committed."

How do you think these new charges will impact Polanski's fate?

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