Justin Bieber May Change His Hair … and It Can’t Be Soon Enough

Justin Bieber
Flickr Photo by jake.auzzie
Get ready for this, girls: Justin Bieber says he may actually change his hair ... someday.

I'm kinda liking the long hair right now," he told Us. "In the future, I may get bored and change it up but for now I like how it is."

Hopefully, the future isn't too far off in this matter, because I HATE his hair.


My disdain isn't because I'm old and uncool (though that may be true too), because I'm all for funky hair and have participated in my fair share of crazy hair trends over the years. Remember the Cyndi Lauper do in which one side of your head was shaved, while the other was long? Had it. Annie Lennox buzz cut? Check. Multi-colored, permed-out, sky-high bangs, "The Rachel" -- did them all.

It's just that Justin Bieber's hair looks so ... uncomfortable.

Just today I was telling my stylist how Justin Bieber makes me hot every time I look at him. Not in a good (or jailbait) way, but in a way where I want to grab his head, push all his hair away from his face and douse him with cold water, because surely he's sweating to death under all that hair and hair product.

For all the teenage boys getting copycat dos and paying up to $150 for "/The Bieber", it's got to be bad for their acne-prone skin to have all that on their faces, no?

If Justin Bieber won't cut his hair, perhaps he could at least use a headband, especially with warm weather approaching ... buy stock in Goody now!

Do you like Justin Bieber's hair?

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