Toyota's Swagger Wagon Video: Get Some Pride in Your Ride

It's coming. With my second kid on the way, plus two stepkids, our mini-SUV is bursting at the seams. The minivan day is looming. My stepkids don't understand my hesitation; their mom's end of the family is already Brady Bunch-sized, and they love her huge blue behemoth. My own sister says I need to get over it and give in to the siren call of the legroom and sliding doors. Et tu, Emily?

I know it to be true, yet I resist. But here comes Toyota, with the perfect antidote to my self-loathing: A hilarious ersatz-rap video featuring Brian Huskey of New York's Upright Citizen Brigade Theater and Rachael Drummond, also of the brill/disturbo Walmart "Clown" commercial from the Super Bowl.


Note to Matthew Morrison, aka Mr. Schuester on Glee: If you're going to fake-white rap, do it like this. Not like that ... that thing you've been doing.

Anywho, I've been trying very hard to be annoyed by the Toyota ads because they're kind of omnipresent on the web. Yeah, I could see they were funny, but I resented having to sit through them whenever I was trying to write a recap. Then came this. All is forgiven. And though I had my heart set on the hybrid Highlander, I'm moving closer to accepting, if not embracing, my minivan fate.

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