7 Scary Celebrity Nightmares

Freddy Krueger scared the beejezus out of me the first go-around, so needless to say, I'm not making plans to see the 2010 version of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I would have, well, nightmares. And since my job lets me requires me to keep up-to-date on celebrity gossip, I'd probably have some pretty scary celebrity-themed nightmares, such as:

  1. Speidi getting their own daily TV show: As if watching Spencer and Heidi in their own plastic world once a week wasn't enough, imagine watching them every day. For a full hour. All Speidi. Aaaah!
  2. Lindsay Lohan and Jersey Shore's "The Situation" hooking up ... and reproducing. Help us all!
  3. Kate Gosselin still twirling on Dancing With the Stars: Four weeks was enough torture.
  4. Bret Michaels' doctors not letting him go on TV anymore ... which causes VH1 to go under. He's in all their shows, right?
  5. They decide not to make the fifth and final Twilight movie. Twihards join together for a protest.
  6. Sex tape of Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood is unveiled. Complete with blood-drinking and animal sacrifices.
  7. A giant plastic Barbie doll roaming LA that looks very familiar to a certain Hills star. Oh wait ...

By the way, true story, I did have a scary nightmare the other night. It was a PG-13 dream with Justin Bieber. Ew! I woke up quite disturbed and grossed out. That's when you know you're reading too many celebrity gossip sites.

What would your celebrity nightmare be?

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