Christina Aguilera's New Hot Video -- Too Much?

Have you seen Christina Aguilera's new video for her single, "Not Myself Tonight"? It's smokin'! But it's like X-tina sat down with music video producer, Hype Williams, and said, "Let's do a Lady Gaga video."

Yes, I know Christina was x-rated when Stefani Germanotta was still in grade school, but the aggressive sex while wearing borrowed props from Saw is absolutely Gaga.


Orgies, bondage, and closet torching are also something we might expect from the performance artist known as Lady instead of a mom to 2-year-old Max. (Although most of you have made it clear you don't have to give up the good times just because you're a mom, a la Kendra Wilkinson.)

Still, I was starting to enjoy the newer, more mellow Christina, and her new video for "Not Myself Tonight" is a shocking throwback. But as Christina says -- and gestures just in case you're not clear -- if I don't like it, well, eff me.

Do you think Christina's new video goes too far?

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