Rielle Hunter Crazy on "Oprah"

Perhaps crazy is too harsh. Rielle Hunter in massive denial on Oprah. Rielle Hunter a huge hypocrite on Oprah ... Really, there are so many adjectives to describe John Edwards' mistress who insists she and Johnny are only trying to "live their truth." 

Oprah gave voice to this narcissistic nuttiness as she interviewed Rielle in her living room -- while looking amazing -- as Rielle wore flip-flops and a manic, "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm on Oprah" grin.


(Note -- I'd like to live my life in a villa in the south of France with a staff that attends to my every need while I watch my children play and learn to speak with cute accents as we eat gourmet meals. But I don't plan on robbing a bank, creating a Ponzi scheme, or knocking off anyone so I can afford this truth.)

Of course, Oprah saw through Rielle's delusion and pushed her on many points. Sadly, the Oprah shove didn't dislodge reality for Rielle Hunter. For example:

Oprah asked what Rielle had to say to people who believe she stole John Edwards from his wife, Elizabeth. Rielle answered, "People aren't property" and avoided her half of the responsibility in a scandal that could've taken down a man who thought he'd be running our country.

Oprah asked what in the world someone who was so spiritual and truthful was thinking when she went into a married man's hotel room. Rielle said, "I did know he was married, but I didn't know what his marriage was like." This might have been the weakest attempt at deflecting the blame, but Rielle delivered this line of BS as if she were Deepak Chopra.

Rielle also made sure she gave fault to Elizabeth and the "myth of the marriage." You know, because when people are having trouble in their marriage, that means it's perfectly acceptable to jump in bed with either party.

When Oprah asked why John Edwards would continue to run for President of the United States even while he was (as Rielle put it) trying to change his life and live more truthfully, Rielle played the rehab card and explained that Johnny was just addicted to campaigning. And p***y too, apparently.

Other questions were deflected in a similar manner, even as Oprah fired such zingers as, "Why would you, Miss Spirituality, go along with it?" Rielle stuck to her talking points about "truth" (even as she bought him a cell phone with the purpose of deception and went along with the lie that Quinn was Andrew Young's baby) and a higher calling.

Oh, and for those of us who think she's a morally bankrupt, co-dependent hussy? We just have our own hang-ups and a huge fear our spouse will cheat.

I imagine Oprah felt like she was questioning a wall through that entire interview. When people hit a certain level of crazy, there's just no talking to them. Hopefully, when it comes to Rielle Hunter, no one else will bother.

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