Lindsay Lohan Gets a Call From Dr. Drew, Plus Other Celebrities We'd Like to See in "Rehab"!

dr. drew
Photo from VH1
The new season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew begins filming in the next few weeks. Reportedly, Dr. Drew has reached out to troubled startlet Lindsay Lohan to the tune of $1 million! That's how much he's offered her to participate in the upcoming season of his VH1 show. Did she accept?


No! She didn't! Not even for a cool million! That sounds like a pretty good chunk of change to get for taking a vacation away from all the Lohan craziness that always seems to be going on -- especially the most recent rumors that Lindsay is headed to jail for violating her probation. But, oh well, now that Lindsay is out of the running, who else do you think might benefit from a few sessions with Dr. Drew? These are our top choices:

Bret Michaels: Yes, I know, he's kind of busy at the moment recovering from some serious health issues and he's not a sloppy drunk getting into lots of trouble, but if you've ever seen Rock of Love, you know Bret likes to party. With his history of diabetes? He should maybe take it down a notch.

Jesse James: While he allegedly already completed sex rehab (cough, publicity stunt, cough), he should HAVE TO be on Dr. Drew's show to tell us what ON EARTH he was thinking!

Heidi Montag: Anyone who's had that much plastic surgery has some deep, dark issues that need to get sorted out. For real.

The entire cast of Jersey Shore: Snooki, The Situation, all of them -- because with all of the fighting and drinking (and more drinking), someone is bound to go off of the deep end and I love that show too much to let that happen!

Who do you want to see on the next season of Celebrity Rehab?

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