"The Hills" Season 6 Premiere: New Face and Crackheads

The Hills
Photo from MTV.com

Season six, the final season of The Hills, premiered last night and I couldn't. Tear. Eyes. Away. Especially when Heidi can barely blink hers. Come on now, that's just too darn amusing.


The opening shot keeps trying to hide Heidi's new face ... I'm unclear why that was necessary because people all the way in Cambodia have probably seen it (FYI MTV: It wasn't a surprise). She headed up to Colorado for the big reveal to the fam, causing her own mother to cringe. "Am I pretty?" she asks and Mama Montag responds with, "Maybe you should reword the question." Burn.

The crew that's not Speidi headed to Miami for Super Bowl weekend to "get to know each other better," i.e., try to be nice to Kristin so that more drama can be created. And, surprise! It worked! Kristin got pissy because Audrina was talking to Brody (how dare she!) and dealt with it by taking lots of shots.

After Kristin partied late into the night two nights in a row, the girls were worried that she might be using drugs. They solemnly pointed out that she's super-skinny and wears sunglasses all the time. CLEARLY she's a crackhead. She lashed back in a croaky smoker's voice, and then they all headed to the airport to go back to LA.

And another season begins in which nothing will really happen, but we still can't help tuning in.

Are you a fan of The Hills? Did you watch last night's episode?


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