Randy and Evi Quaid: When Celebs Go Bad

 Randy Quaid Mugshot
Photo from Santa Barbara Sherriff's Office
The Baios aren't the only crazy celebrity couple in Hollywood. Actually, calling Randy Quaid a celeb is a stretch, but he's an actor who used to make movies. You know his handsome brother, Dennis, from great movies like Frequency and Any Given Sunday. You know Randy, the Puffy Quaid from ... well, there's Christmas Vacation 2 and uh ... Kingpin.

The guy could've had a nice career, but for the past few years, he's been more notorious than famous. There was the 2007 scuffle with the Actor's Equity: When fellow performers in a play complained about his vile, abusive behavior, his wife, Evi, stormed into their LA offices and kicked the 76-year-old receptionist in the shin with her stilettos before calling him a Nazi.

And this past week, Randevi was in the news again.


Evi Quaid mugshot
Photo from SB Sherriff's Office
Seems that in 2009, the couple left the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara without paying their $10,000 bill. They were arrested, released when they posted a $40,000 bond, and then proceeded to miss multiple court appearances, making no excuses, and leaving a trail of hired and fired lawyers along the way. Above the law much?

It's hard to untangle exactly how many times they posted bond and promised to show up for court ... and then didn't. At one point, they showed up to post bond, bringing the actor's Golden Globe award for a 1988 miniseries with them as some kind of … proof of celebrity? By last week, the judge had had enough and sent out an arrest warrant. That's right. Just like the losers on Dog the Bounty Hunter. For a few tense days they were on the lam ... and finally turned themselves in last Monday. By this time, their bail was $100,000 each. They spent three hours in custody and were free again.

This can't end well.

What really chaps my hide is the Golden Globe detail. I mean, really dude? Is America so celebrity-crazy that you can act like a total ass, wave your award around, shout "Expelliarmus!" and poof, you're back home and free to shoot darts at the mailman, or however else you get your kicks? It's sorta true --  we do let celebs get away with crap regular folks can't do. Nonetheless, it seems like this must be the end of the line for the Quaid twosome. If only they were on Twitter.

Oh, and I was overly mean about the movies Quaid has been in. He was also in Brokeback Mountain! And then ... he sued the producers for more money. Oh, Puff Quaidy. You're crazier than a Lohan.

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