The Sexiest Moms Alive 2010


Can a mom be sexy? Well, yeah. How do you think most end up becoming a mom in the first place? Seriously, looks and a bod are nice, but combine those with commitment, patience, brains, care-giving, sacrifice, humor, and love -- qualities often developed en force after the kids come along -- and that lady becomes damn irresistible. And we think it's time the world recognizes that.

After scouring the globe, we put together our inaugural list of the THE Sexiest Moms Alive. From politicians to pop stars, bloggers to athletes, our list includes 22 moms who've proven they can tackle parenting challenges, overcome adversity, and change countless poopy diapers while still looking outrageously feminine. Below you'll see half of our handpicked list -- but don't miss the rest of our sexy moms in the slideshow, 11 Totally Sexy Moms, including Sarah Palin, CafeMom member Katie Olson, Kerri Walsh, Bethenny Frankel, blogger Kristen Chase, and more!

Time to count down the Sexiest Moms Alive! Our apologizes if their total hotness smokes up your computer monitor ... 

Jennifer Lopez
Photo from Splash News
11.  Jennifer Lopez -- Twins at home and a Back-Up Plan? J.Lo has said she's not the same person she was before kids, but she's still tearing up the big screen, radio, and fashion industry. Forget that famous (amazing) ass, Lopez is a powerful, sexy mom.







Flickr photo by LGEPR
10. Maggie Gyllenhaal -- She may be a proud breastfeeding mom who knows boobs are for babies, but we can't get the Sex-etary out of our minds. Yes, Ramona, your mommy is hot.








Photo from Splash News
9. Jessica Alba -- FHM once called her the Sexiest Woman in the World, and that was before the birth of her daughter, Honor. Is it just us or has motherhood made those chicklet teeth smiles glow brighter?








Flickr photo by DBKing
8. Michelle Obama -- First Lady mom sexy! This mother of two sweet girls knows how to dress and how to speak, and she's got the most powerful man in the world eating out of her hand. Plus, those amazing guns don't hurt either.








Photo from Splash News
7. Candace Parker -- Sometimes called the female Michael Jordan, this WNBA star has a model body (she's 6'4") that dominates the court for the Los Angeles Sparks. Bringing her daughter to work and taking just six weeks of maternity leave, she might be more than a head taller than us, but she's a down-to-earth "real" mom, and that's sexy.







Photo from Splash News
6. Giada De Laurentiis -- It's a toss-up which is more sensuous -- the Italian cuisine in Giada's Food Network kitchen or the host herself. We could watch Jade's mom for hours -- all while munching on some of her spinach bruschetta.








Flickr photo by keithwills
5. Kelly Ripa -- She corrals three kids, not including Regis, makes laundry look like a dream gig, and manages to stay on the cute side of ditzy -- which is just further proof that this mom is as cunning as she is fit. (Have you seen those abs?)







Photo by David Stone
4. Stephenie Meyer -- Can Mormons be sexy? This mother of three proves they can. She managed to write Twilight as a stay-at-home mom and it turned out to be the sexiest sex-free novel ever. We're just wondering ... is she Team Jacob or Team Edward?







Photo from Splash News
3. Jennifer Hudson -- A mom who's seen both tragedy and triumph, Hudson makes singing the blues red hot. With her decision to join Weight Watchers to be a better example to son David, she proves healthy is sexy.








Sandra Bullock baby
Photo from People
2. Sandra Bullock -- Sandy's had her share of ups and downs over the last few months, but having 3 1/2-month-old Louis Bardo by her side must be a comfort. We love her laid-back approach to life, her ability to laugh at herself, and her natural beauty. Congratulations on the adoption and welcome to motherhood, you sexy mama.






And, drum roll please ... the #1 Sexiest Mom Alive is ...


Flickr photo by Nick Step
1. Tina Fey -- Go Tina! Go Tina! She's got the whole package: Funny, smart, gorgeous.
And those big brown eyes don't hurt either. The 39-year-old mom behind 30 Rock, Mean Girls, and the best Sarah Palin impersonations on the planet -- all the while chasing 4-year-old Alice -- has our vote for world's wittiest woman and the Sexiest Mom Alive.






In case you missed it, here are 11 More Sexy Moms.

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lovin... lovinangels

wow, it all shows that it's just at matter of taste, Tina Fey? Seriously? and Kelly Ripa? she's just too perky! and no to Michelle Obama as well... She's what I would call well kept, but not sexy.

nonmember avatar NY Reader

It's unfortunate you've chosen Maggie Gyllenhaal.  Her incredibly insensitive remarks about America being "responsible in some way" for September 11th sets her apart as someone who was incredibly uncaring towards the mothers and fathers who lost a child that horrible day due to terrorism and hatred.

Poor choice.

CaryMc CaryMc

Yes, Tina Fey. Great choice. Every guy I know has the hots for her. Ditto Michelle Obama. Love them both.

I'm not sure what politics and sexiness have to do with each other.

lovin... lovinangels

lol, no guys I know have the hots for either... it must be an older guy thing. i did an informal poll the other night at work and out of fifteen guys working only one was like um, I guess so for Michelle. As far as Tina Fey goes, the general consensus was, if offered, they wouldn't say no to sex. Does that count as sexiness? Not sure, because i think if the cafeteria lady with one tooth from my daughters school offered sex, some of the same guys would be like, sure, why not? i can close my eyes.

i am also not sure what politics has to with sexiness. I think Angelina jolie is hot as hell and I'm so not a democrat.

nonmember avatar DONNIE




catys... catysnanny

It is very easy to have HOT bod, when you have "that much money" & FREE time! They may have "star" jobs, but they do NOT have the stresses, & a small income to hav eto worry about!!! 

msxlr msxlr

all women are sexy.... beauty is n the eye of the beholder;;;;;some like'em big some like'rm confident within urself

nonmember avatar Tim

this is gross. shows what happens when women pick out other sexy women. Giada and Alba are the only ones worth mentioning.

nonmember avatar aprille skye

Well you got a few right, Rippa, Alba, and for the rest they are dogs, would not talk to them if we were the last persons on Earth...and i am sure they have the same opinion of all of us 'little People'...

Bloom... BloomingJen

The sexiest moms for me are the moms who have lots of kids, can manage the household by themselves, can take care of their kids by themselves, loves their husbands dearly, and still have time for themselves, that is my Mom and my GrandMa!

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