Disney's "Oceans" and More Earth Day Movies

This year, Disney's special Earth Day nature documentary, Oceans, takes us into the depths of the seas. 


The beautiful film gives the audience an up-close and personal view of some of Earth's most amazing creatures: Dancing dolphins, fighting crabs, the magnificent blue whale, dive-bombing birds, and more.

Pierce Brosnan narrates, and while some of the lines are a little cheesy, they also don't go into full scientific mode, which, as someone who was horrible at science in school, I fully appreciated.

I did tear up a few times ... I'm very sensitive when it comes to animals, even if it's the circle of life. *Sniff.* But I left with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

The movie hits theaters today, and if you go see it within the first week, Disney will make a donation in your honor to save the coral reefs. If you can't make it to the theater, there are some other great movies that you can rent to celebrate Earth Day:

  • An Inconvenient Truth: Documentary of Al Gore's efforts to educate the world on global warming.
  • March of the Penguins: A documentary following the Emperor penguins' journey from ocean to land to find their life mate. So sweet!
  • Earth: Disney's Earth Day movie last year, this film follows three families from the animal kingdom for one year: Humpback whales, elephants, and polar bears. 
  • Food Inc.: A look into today's food corporation. It's very eye-opening.
  • Wall-E: As adorable as this movie was, it also carries a fantastic message.

What's your favorite Earth Day movie?

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