Khloe Kardashian's Vagina, Plus 6 More Celeb Endorsements We'd Like to See!

Khloe for Kotex
Photo from  Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian has teamed up with Kotex to demystify the word "vagina." Funny, I thought Sarah Silverman already did that. Anyway, the idea behind the campaign is great: Stop feeling embarrassed about your lady business (oh, now see, I'm doing it!) and be bold enough to talk about vaginas, periods, and whatever else comes up without feeling overwhelmed by self-consciousness.

In the photo at left, Khloe, clad in time-of-the-month scarlet (which she swears was a coincidence), is all set to ceremonially destroy silly pet names for the vagina and menstruation, including "hoo-ha," "aunt flo(w)," and my personal favorite, "vajayjay." (Aw man! Why they gotta hate on vajayjay?)


This is all part of Kotex's ad campaign for their new product line, U by Kotex, which is basically a young-adult line of pads and tampons in cute colors and schmantzy black boxes. Tampons as a fashion accessory? Why not. Girls are even encouraged to "break the cycle" of embarrassment by signing this pledge:

Kotex Pledge
Image from U by Kotex

Of course, adding Khloe Kardashian to the mix is … interesting. Is she a role model now? I suppose as an Armenian sister myself, I should be all for it, but … I think I liked it better when Eric Bogosian was the most famous Armenian in the world. (Then again, I dunno if Kotex would be all that into him.)

All this is to say: If Khloe Kardashian is pimping Kotex, what other celebrity tie-ins can we expect? Here are our suggestions: 

Kathy Griffin for the iPap: Okay, this product doesn't exist yet. But after she had a poolside, on-camera pap smear, we figure this is the next logical step -- an at-home pap test you can send in yourself. Are you listening, Apple?

Tommy Lee for Durex XXL Condoms: Younger readers might not remember the legendary sex tape of Tommy and his now-ex Pamela Anderson. But anyone who saw the mighty dragon will never forget. Which can only help move this product off the shelf! Let's rechristen them Motley Göo!  

Lady Gaga for Parissa Bikini Wax: Love my Gaga, love her endless quest to prove she's not a dude -- by virtue of ever-shrinking, crotch-baring underpanties. There's not a hair out of place, no matter what she's not wearing, so she's the perfect spokesmodel for la braziliana.  

Jake Pavelka for Levi's: The former Bachelor got attention galore when he went pants-less in a Tom Cruise homage on Dancing With the Stars. Can a celebrity endorsement from 501 Blues be far … behind (snk, snk)? 

Tina Fey for Jolen Creme Bleach: Who can forget the hilarious episode of 30 Rock where she lets her moustache, named Tom for Tom Selleck, grow in as a show of support for Jenna? Not this hairy Middle Eastern woman. I can see the tagline now: "If it hides my Tom, it can handle your Matt Damon."

John Gosselin for Massengill: Because let's face it, the only bigger douche is his ex-wife. Oh, snap!

Which celeb endorsement would you like to see?

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