Angelina Tracy: Charlie Sheen's Escort Mistress

charlie sheen
Photo by Splash News
Charlie Sheen is a bad guy ... a really, really bad guy. As if threatening his wife Brooke Mueller (who is breathtakingly beautiful and had his twin babies) with a knife wasn't enough, he's also cheating on her. With an escort. IN THEIR BED!

What is wrong with this guy?!


According to RadarOnline, the scum of the Earth Charlie hooked up with escort, Angelina Tracy, taking her back to his house on more than one occasion. Photos have emerged of the Two and a Half Men star sneaking around, wearing a creepy fake moustache. Yeah Charlie, like that's going to throw people off. Now you're just insulting our intelligence.

How this guy still has fans is beyond me. Crack rehab, alcohol rehab, assaulting his wife, and now cheating on her with an escort. If you are a fan of Charlie Sheen, please, please enlighten me. Really, I'd like to know how he's still working.

What do you think of this story? Surprised at all?



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