Caresse Henry, Madonna's Former Manager Commits Suicide

Caresse Henry
Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty
(Caresse is in the middle)

Caresse Henry, who was Madonna's manager from 1997-2005, took her own life yesterday.


Remember the Ray of Light and Music albums? Yeah, I forgot about those, too. But she was heavily involved in the whole creative process during that time.

Before becoming her manager, she was Madonna's personal assistant, which is basically just a paid friend, so I wonder how Madonna feels about Caresse committing suicide. Though, I don't think the two have spoken in years.

Madonna had written her off five years ago, firing her because of some silly Kabbalah reasoning about faithfulness. Apparently, Caresse left her partner for another man. Pfft, as if Madonna is the poster child for being loyal to a spouse. Bet she's feeling pretty bad now.

No details on her death have been released. I wonder what drove the poor woman to do something so extreme?

So very sad.



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