Apple iPad Apps Moms Can't Live Without

big oven ipad app
Photo from Apple

The Apple iPad hits stores tomorrow, and already the iTunes Store is featuring several new iPad apps. So how do you know which ones you can't live without? Easy. There's an App for that.

Just kidding! Check out our list ...


Big Oven IPad Pro, $4.99:

(Keep in mind I'm The Stir's resident food nerd, so this may only be exciting to nerds like me.) You'll never fall into a dinner rut again with this collection of more than 170,000 recipes. You can even build your grocery list from one or more recipes. Plus, you know those nights when you look in the fridge and all you have is, say, jelly, low-fat yogurt, and a carrot? Just input those ingredients into the app, and it will magically tell you how to use them for a delicious, well-balanced meal (okay, this may be a stretch, but you get the idea).


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd prefer reading a book electronically as opposed to having the real thing -- but I do, because it's so much more convenient and you don't have to lug around a big 'ol hardback. Apple has it's own book app -- iBooks -- but I'd hold out for the Kindle app (coming soon); the word on the street is that it will have many, many more titles.

Netflix, Free:

Watch TV shows and movies instantly as part of your Netflix membership. You and the kids will never be bored again.

The Weather Channel's Weather App, Free:

Will the kids have a snow day tomorrow? Or is it calling for rain? You'll be on top of the latest weather reports with this cool app featuring customizable weather maps and even storm footage.

Are you getting an iPad?


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