Sandra Bullock Files for Divorce: Are the Rumors True?

Sandra Bullock, Jesse James
Photo by Splash News
It appears Sandra Bullock is going to do it ... she's taking the steps towards getting a divorce to her cheating husband, Jesse James

At least that's what RadarOnline is reporting ... but since it's not exactly official, I'm hesitant to break out my girl power cheers just yet.


Supposedly, a source close to the couple has told the website "exclusively" that Bullock has already begun the divorce process.

As sad of a story as this is, I hope these rumors are true. She needs to get far, far away from that disgusting excuse for a man. And then get tested because who knows what he got from sexing up the likes of Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Ick.

What do you think Sandra should do? Stay with him or leave him?


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