Kate Gosselin Stays, Shannen Doherty Gets Voted Off: Our DWTS Recap

Dancing with the stars
Photo from ABC.com
Kate Gosselin managed to make it through the first round of Dancing With the Stars.

The only reason has to be because of her strong fan base. And because of her haters who are probably voting for her just to make her suffer longer on the show. The girl just has no rhythm whatsoever.


Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson were the bottom two, even though both received middle-of-the-road marks. But it was Shannen who got the ax.

It really is for the best. Her partner, Mark Ballas, had injured his knee in rehearsals earlier this week and the doctors said that he'd be out of commission for six weeks. His replacement? His father. So, if they hadn't been eliminated this week, they probably would have been next week.

But she seemed more upset for her partner and her dad (who recently suffered a stroke and for whom she was doing the show for) rather than the actual elimination. She recently tweeted:

shannen doherty, twitter

What did you think of the results? Were you surprised that Shannen got sent home? Which duo did you expect to be cut?


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