Tiger Woods' Secret Life: It's Not Pretty

Photo from Splash News
He's cheap, fast, and dirty.

Those are just a few of the descriptions from Tiger Woods' mistresses interviewed in "The Temptation of Tiger Woods"  published in the new issue of Vanity Fair.

Chock full of glamour shots of the ladies who serviced Tiger; reporter Mark Seal offers an in-depth look at the golf star's peccadilloes. Some of which, you'll wish you'd never heard.


Check out the video at the bottom of the piece for the sexy photo shoots of these women who took a very low road to fame, and you'll wonder why ladies weren't coming out of the woodwork long before the golf club-meets-car window incident. Clearly, they are reveling in the attention.

One of the most cringe-worthy revelations: Perkins waitress and Tiger mistress Mindy Lawton claims after having sex in a car at 5:30 a.m. while she was menstruating (I know ... doesn't seem like it can get more salacious after that, but wait ...) a National Enquirer reporter picked up her tampon from the parking lot and threatened to expose the affair.

Check out this preview of the tawdriness at Vanity Fair; then go take a shower.

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