Madonna Wishes Lourdes Would Cover it Up

Photo from Splash News
thirteen-year-old daughter has been working a lot lately, and now Lourdes is unveiling her fashion lined for Macy's. But Madge is kind of 'eh' about what her little girl is wearing herself.

Us Weekly reports the older Material Girl is saying of the younger, "If anything, I wish she'd dress more conservatively," says the pop star, 51. "How's that for irony?"


As someone who sliced and sewed denim and lace together to make a highly inappropriate skirt (for a 12-year-old, anyway) I have to tell Madonna: You influenced a young girl in Oklahoma to dress in slutty chic, your own daughter doesn't stand a chance.

Clearly Madonna realizes this, and I wonder if it isn't the parental influence quandary since those crazy Baby Boomers started reproducing. You don't want your kids to do what you did; when what you did includes a good amount of sex, drugs and rock and roll. But is it hypocritical to ask that they restrain where you did not?

I don't necessarily think so. But as a Vogueing teenager, I would have said, "You're such a hypocrite!" as I slammed the door and ran down the street crying while listening to Papa Don't Preach.

Are you going to tell your kids to do what you say, not as you do?

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