Celebrities Celebrating Passover Through Twitter

Last night was the first Seder of Passover, and celebrities have been busy tweeting about the Jewish tradition:

I haven't been exposed to a lot of Jewish food, but fortunately I have had haroset, which is an apple-y type paste. Yum! I wonder how good of a cook Whitney Port is, being that she's a fashion designer on the reality show The City?:

whitney port, twitter


What would we do without Conan O'Brien's words of wisdom? The former late night TV host may no longer have a show, but he's still making people laugh:

Conan O'Brien, Twitter

Looks like the Kutcher household is celebrating Passover. I wonder if Ashton and Demi will break out their priest and nun costumes this year:

demi moore twitterashton kutcher twitter

For all you non-Jewish people, the Afikomen is a half-piece of matzo which is broken off during the early stages of Passover Seder and set aside till the end of the meal. In some families, the head of the household hides it for the children to find and rewards them with candy or money. Clearly, actress Elizabeth Banks's household does the hide-and-find routine:

elizabeth banks, twitter

Are you celebrating Passover? Who's your favorite Jewish celebrity?

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