Kate Gosselin Fights, Pam Anderson "Titivates,": Our DWTS Recap

Last night's Dancing With the Stars had Kate Gosselin drama, perfect 10s, and boobie references -- basically everything that makes great reality TV. Here are the highlights from yesterday's performances:

  • Who would have thought that a '50s dance like the Jive could have been done to Rihanna's "S.O.S"? Apparently it can, and Nicole Sherzinger and Derek Hough translated it perfectly, earning them two 10s and an 8. It left judge Carrie Ann unable to complete a full sentence, ''Nicole. Derek. S.O.S. Jive. Spray tan. Silver costumes. Ponytail. Great shoes. Perfection.''
  • I can really relate to Erin Andrews. While trying to get into "princess mode" for the Foxtrot, the tomboy was awkward and burped loudly during rehearsals. That's so me. Except that I'm not a size two and beautiful. Just the awkward, burping part. But she did amazing in her performance, even with a solo part at the beginning. That took some guts.
  • Oh Pamela Anderson, she is quite the firecracker. Last week, she sexed it up with a promiscuous Cha-Cha, this week, she sexed it up but with a more subtle old Hollywood glamour feel, channeling the original blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. During judging, Len called Pamela's performance "titivating," which sent the judges' panel into a giggling school-girl frenzy. Tee hee. 
  • Jake Pavelka is a whiny little b****. During rehearsals, he told his partner Chelsie, "Chelsie, I'm not asking you; I'm more telling you. I can't get into this position.'' Chelsie girl, you better get on him. Oh, and he kind of looked like a tool in his outfit. Go home to your poorly picked fiance, Jake.
  • Niecy Nash is the comic relief to this sometimes stuffy show. During rehearsal for the Foxtrot, her partner Louis van Intensité rambled on about a mirror and finding her dancing truth. Say what? She quickly pointed out that she had no idea what the hell he was talking about; he then switched to food references and she instantly understood.
  • Kate Gosselin was her control-obsessive self while practicing the Jive with partner Tony Dovolani. Hint to Kate: He's your teacher, not your husband. You don't get to castrate him just because you don't like something. Remember last time you did that? It worked out oh so well for you. Step it up or go home to where you can actually give your eight children a kiss instead of blowing it at them on camera.

Who was your favorite act of the night? Which star do you predict will go home first?

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