"The Hills" Ends: 10 Reasons You Should Care

the hills
Photo from MTV

Sad news, my friends: The Hills are no longer alive with the sounds of cat-fighting and backbiting. The 12 episodes of Season 6 -- which starts to air on April 27 -- will be the last for the L.A.-based reality show, which has featured the likes of Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt over the years.

If you're not already distraught by the news, you're probably just in the denial stage. Here are the 10 things I'll miss most about The Hills:


10. Lauren "Lo" Bosworth. Was she anyone else's favorite character on the show? I love how she moves the plot absolutely no-where in each and every scene she's in.

9. Awkward pauses. Thanks to The Hills cast, awkward silences -- once the bane of dinner parties and other social situations -- are now hip and trendy. Why have a conversation when you can just stare at each other -- and look great doing it?

8. The clothes. Without The Hills, I'll have to find a new way to keep up-to-date on the Jeggings trend.

7. Justin Bobby. The perplexing two first name situation only added to his mysterious appeal. 

6. Inspiring career advice. How else would I have learned that if you send out only one resume and show up to the interview acting all bored, a job at Teen Vogue is perfectly attainable? Now, I'm just waiting for my three-book publishing deal to miraculously appear ...

5. Believable story-lines. Good thing 6-year-old Enzo just so happened to live next door to Heidi and Spencer during Season 5 ... otherwise we would've never known that Heidi wanted kids.

4. Referring to Stephanie Pratt as "She-Pratt." (I can still do that when the show is over, right?)

3. Feuds. The constant fighting on this show (Kristin-Lauren; Lauren-Heidi, Heidi-Holly, etc.) made me want to go out and get a vicious feud of my very own.

2. All things Brody. Brody Jenner is so cool, he should have his own show ... oh wait. The only good thing about The Hills ending is that maybe now he can do a special appearance on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (I can only dream).

1. The weekly argument my husband and I have about whether The Hills is scripted: I claim it depicts real life in all its nitty-gritty detail with truly authentic characters and dialogue. My husband claims I need a lobotomy. Whatever will we talk about after this?

What will you miss most about The Hills?

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