New "Eclipse" Poster Released, Austin Powers No. 4, and More

  • Have you seen the new Eat, Pray, Love trailer? Julia Roberts complains about her divorce, eats lots of pizza, and does yoga (but not all at the same time) while snappy girl power music plays in the background (courtesy of Florence + The Machine) -- really, you've no excuse not to watch.
  • The official Eclipse poster has just been released. I wish Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would move a little to the left -- okay a lot to the left -- so that we could see more of Taylor Lautner. (And I'm allowed to say that about Lautner because he turned 18 on Feb. 11, so my impure thoughts are now perfectly legal.) -- E! Online
  • Jersey Shore's Pauly D plans to auction off his tanning bed for charity. What's going to happen to his famous GTL (Gym Tanning Laundry) routine? -- RadarOnline.
  • Mike Meyers is working on a fourth Austin Powers movie? Raise your hand if your SO will force you to watch it. (My hand is raised. *Groan*) -- The Daily Beast.
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