America's Next Top Model: Down to the Final Four

America's Next Top Model drama ramped up a notch, as another model got shipped back to the States! Check out the recap of last Wednesday's episode, spoiler alert!


Beauty & Style Buzz's Cafe MicheleZ has the scoop on the latest ANTM:

Where do I start?! First of all, I caught a fake accent coming out of Mckey's mouth! She's only been in Holland, what two weeks? Even Madonna took about a year to get her British accent. But hot damn, that girl can take good photos. Though this week, I didn't love hers as much as I loved Sam's and Analeigh's. Analeigh is totally my favorite. I found it odd the judges told her she is a "makeup girl". I think she looks amazing au natural, too!

So this week there was the go-sees, where they had to meet with as many designers as they can, try to get a booking, then make it back to the main studio by 5pm.

Marjorie was a mess! She has no sense of direction at all and it got to her.confidence was way low. But she did get back on time. Mckey, however, was too busy taking in the
scenery (and brushing up on that accent) to make the 5pm deadline. Too bad. She would have won the $18,000 worth of designer duds!

Instead it went to sweet Analeigh. Elina thought she deserved it, but girl, you
didn't book as many clients as her! I love Elina, think she is really gorgeous, but shocker! She's only 18!  I would have thought she was at least 25 with how mature she acts.

And double shocker! She was sent packing back to the States. Str8shocked and I called it last week!  So out of the remaining four, who's next? My guess is Marjorie. She
takes great photos, but is the only one with a big weakness.

Unless something else is revealed during the next episode.

What did you think of this episode? Who's your favorite and who's going
home next?

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