Who Got Kicked Off American Idol This Week?

American Idol contestants

Photo by FOX

If you missed this week's American Idol, don't worry. Except maybe for a little tiff between Simon and Ryan, who decided to step up and challenge his authority, you didn't miss much. Sure, this was the first week that the show had a bottom three -- but so far there haven't been any super-stellar performances to generate major water cooler discussion.


Wednesday's elimination episode centered on performances by Season 7 title-holder David Cook, who continued this week's Rolling Stones tribute with a feisty little rendition of "Jumpin' Jack Flash." This was followed up by an odd, Lady GaGa-esque performance by blond, fashion-forward (a little too forward, if you ask me) singer du jour Ke$ha, who doesn't so much sing as she does storm around the stage as if she were throwing a tantrum. Was her performance of her current hit single "Blah, Blah, Blah," supposed to be an example for these Idol hopefuls? If so, I think we're headed in the wrong direction, given the undecipherable lyrics and general bizarrity.

In any case, the main event -- which Idol has started dragging out to excruciating levels, with what seemed like a full half-hour embedded product placement segment for the new Ford Fiesta -- was the first bottom three. This week's round-up, based on their performances during Tuesday's Rolling Stones homage, was Texas choir girl Lacey Brown, laryngitis-plagued Paige Miles, and doofy Tim Urban. By his super-shocked reaction when he was allowed to step out of the bottom three, Urban clearly thought he was the goner this week. But it came down to roommates Lacey and Paige.

And the likable Lacey, who did a banal take on the Stones "Ruby Tuesday" on Tuesday, was the one on the line to "save" herself with a pass from the judges. This was just a formality, because no matter how strong her final efforts, that save would clearly not be forthcoming. C'mon! It's way too early in the game for the judges to use up their one save, and it's hard to believe that they would be unanimous on anything this early in the game. In fact, given their chattiness with each other during Lacey's equally weak rendition of Brandi Carlile's "The Story," it seems like they were barely paying attention!

So once she was officially a goner, the little Lacey tribute actually made me feel like I might miss the punk-wannabe Christian choir girl. But there are plenty of Idol hopefuls to keep us busy for the rest of the season. Personally, I think the earthy, dread-locked Crystal really may have it in the bag, as much as that irks Simon, though she does have some competition in Siobhan, who's drama-filled version of "Paint It Black" stole the show on Tuesday.

Who's your current Idol favorite?


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