'Parenthood' -- 'The Deep End of the Pool' Recap


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Man, I love Parenthood. The show is especially fun for me because I live just across the bay from Berkeley, where the action takes place, and my husband, who lived there for 12 years, makes it a sport to yell things like, "That's not Oscar's Burger Joint!" Making fun of Berkeley: It's the real San Francisco treat.


First up is Crosby (Dax Shepard), who has just met his 5-year-old son and is suddenly spending the entire weekend with him. Nice move, Mom, who last episode told Crosby "this is your son" for the first time in front of the kid. So it goes a little rough. First, Jabbar barfs in his car. Then Crosby keeps introducing Jabbar as a kid he just met before freaking out and begging Adam to advise him about being a dad. Adam assures him he'll feel a click with the kid at some point. And by the end of the episode, sure enough, he apologizes for denying him. Jabbar pulls out a knob he yanked off Crosby's sound-mixing board and apologizes back. "That's why you ran away from me? I would've done the same thing," Crosby says, and click! Hug, and fade to black.

Sarah (Lauren Graham) continues her non-stop freak-out. She dumps the nice coffee-shop guy. Her daughter, Amber, calls her a weenie because she's afraid to ask her dad if she can stay in his office out back. (Big secret: She found condoms in his desk!) She can't get a job. Her car dies, despite the fact that she can change a … gasket ... or something. She and her mopey son, Drew, bond over working on it, but no. Bwaa-bwaa-bwaa Taps music for the car. Zeek, the family patriarch (Craig T. Nelson), admits that he and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) have been having problems, and he selfishly wanted to continue to sleep out there when things get rough, but promises she can have the office. Not a word about the condoms, dirty Daddy.

Julia (Erika Christensen) is having a crisis. She's a high-powered lawyer, and feels out of the loop with Sydney, their daughter. After trying too hard during school drop-off and a SAHM v. WOHM faux pas during the school fundraiser, she also turns to Adam, who advises her to play to her strengths: If she doesn't like the hippie-zen swimming class her SAHD husband Joel takes Sydney to, she can teach the kid to swim herself. She shows up at swim class, shows off her style, but her daughter sinks like a stone when she tries to swim. But by the end of the ep, Joel has followed through, taught her to swim furreals, and admits pushing her was necessary. So that's all good, but what about that trampy school-mom who's been sniffing around Joel?

And Adam (Peter Krause), the brother everyone leans on. Son Max gets kicked out of school and is diagnosed with Asperger's. He and Kristina hang in there, but they're freaked. They show how tenacious they are, mostly by jabbering simultaneously at Max's doctor and the head of the fancy school they want to get Max into; it works! I have to get my husband to talk at the same time as me! Of course, daughter Haddie has been ignored not just during this last crisis but all along. Well. You can't have everything.

I was promised, at the end of last week's episode, that Julia would ask Joel if that trampy school mom had ever made a pass at him. This has not yet happened. I'm waiting!

What did you think of last night's episode?

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