What's Up Farm Town Fans?


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Flickr: Photo by Grumm One

There are over ten million active users of Farm Town on Facebook. Ten million! (I believe most of those Farm Towners are my own Facebook friends.) I’ve never picked up the Farm Town habit -- I left a real farm many years ago and have yet to have any desire to recreate the experience. I’m more of an indoor person, really.

So it’s fascinating to me that 90% of my Facebook friends who play Farm Town, have lived or currently reside on actual farms.


What’s even more interesting to me are those people willing to spend more money -- actual money -- to continue playing the game and build up their farms (a new feature as of last Fall). Do you know how little money you make on a real, small farm? My hometown Facebook friends do, yet they are still willing to shell out for a virtual tractor.

However, my FB friends seem to be having a rollicking good time growing their farms, learning how to trick FT into giving you some extra farm cash, getting some work on the side at someone else’s farm. Which makes me think; maybe it’s just the “farm” element that I’m not too keen on due to fiction being so close to reality. So what’s an indoors-loving gal to do?

Farm Town fans, what online game would you recommend?

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