Reading with . . . Rebecca Woolf of Girl's Gone Child


Rebecca Woolfe

Photo from Girl's Gone Child

I'm a big fan of Rebecca Woolf's gut-wrenchingly honest Girl's Gone Child blog about life, love, family, and the surprise twists of all of the above. Woolf is also quite the literary mama, which makes her the perfect blogger to kick off our Reading with ... series at The Stir.



The mags:

Vogue is my weakness. Teen Vogue is my uber-weakness. (We have a subscription for reasons unknown and the newest issue arrived this morning -- I've already read it cover to cover. For research's sake I swear!)


Currently (slowly) reading Lenya: A Life (about Lotte Lenya) and Journey to the End of the Night (Celine). French lit and fashion magazines dominate my literate life.

On the World Wide Web:

One of my favorite blogs is My Topography. She inspires me. 

With the kids:

My favorite children's book right now is Old Turtle. It's the perfect introduction to the concept of spirituality and goodness and truth -- the importance of love and caring for our fellow creatures. The first time I read it to my son, he said, "Wow. That was the most beautiful story I've ever heard."  And it is.

Find more of Rebecca's words at Girl's Gone Child.


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