17-Year-Old Allegedly Has Sex With His Teacher Because He Feared She'd 'Fail Him'


student taking a test

A 37-year-old teacher was arrested on June 11 and charged with sexual assault for allegedly having sex with her 17-year-old student. Meghan Mary Rodriguez, a teacher at Navarre High School in Santa Rosa County, Florida, was accused of engaging in sex with her student in summer 2019. The unnamed boy later confessed to parents that he only did so because he was afraid Rodriguez "would fail him" if he didn't have sex with her.

  • The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous tip about the alleged assault on March 3.

    The Pensacola News Journal reports that when police investigated the claim, the student -- who has not been identified -- told them that the incident was preceded by platonic texts between himself and his teacher that soon turned sexual.

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  • The student said that he went to her classroom after a "summer practice" to go over something, but instead the two had sex.

    An arrest report shared by the Pensacola News Journal states that the student "insisted that this only occurred once and he regretted it afterwards."

  • The boy told his parents about what happened on March 3.

    After he told his parents that he needed to talk to them about something, he told them Rodriguez initiated the encounter and that he was worried she "would fail him" if he didn't comply. 

    Police received their anonymous tip that same day and met with Rodriguez later that day at Navarre High School to investigate.

  • At first, the teacher refused to speak with police without a lawyer present.

    But as investigators were leaving the school, they were called back into the principal's office.

    "Meghan asked me what was going to happen next," an officer wrote in a police report. "I explained to her I still had an investigation to conduct and at the conclusion of my investigation she could have a warrant for her arrest. She then asked me what the less extreme outcome could be."

    "I told her the less extreme is nothing happens," the officer added. "Meghan then asked me if there was a middle ground."

  • During the police visit, the principal of Navarre High told police that Rodriguez confessed to kissing the student, but denied having sex with him.

    Rodriguez left her job with Navarre High on March 28.

    "It was under investigation, and she chose to leave our employment," Connie Carnley, assistant superintendent for human resources told the paper.

    After Rodriguez was arrested on June 11, she was taken to Santa Rosa County Jail and is currently being held without bail. It's not clear at this time if Rodriguez has entered a plea or obtained legal representation.