21 Newly Released Crime Stories on Netflix That Have Us Hooked

Samantha Sutton | Mar 8, 2019 Crime
21 Newly Released Crime Stories on Netflix That Have Us Hooked
Image: Netflix

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It's one of our favorite ways to spend our free nights: Sitting in the dark, cuddled up under a blanket, just waiting to jump out of skin the moment a shadowy figure appears in a doorway. (What? We just really love a good, suspenseful film.) These nights in are even better if it involves some sort of crime, such as a person on the run from the bad guys, or a detective trying to solve a string of murders.

And thankfully, Netflix has us covered. The streaming service feeds our addiction on a rotating basis, releasing new and creepy documentaries and original thrillers that are bound to keep us up at night -- but are still totally worth watching anyway.

But alas, there's just so much to see on the streaming service (don't get us wrong, we're 100 percent thankful for, considering we're often in the mood for a rom-com, too). Things tend to get lost in the mix, or our recommendations get screwy after watching The Umbrella Academy and finding ourselves on a "time travel" binge.

It's situations like these that lead us to clicking around, coming upon the niche combination of "Crime" and "New Releases." Here, we were able to find something that we hadn't seen before, which had the ability to make us grip the edge of our seats and audibly gasp.

So, we decided to share.

We've rounded up these new crime releases -- some of which have been around for a few months, but are still as thrilling as ever -- with their descriptions. There's a little something for everyone included on the list, from documentaries to cheesy (in the best way) flicks, all of which is bound to keep crime junkies occupied -- at least for a few days.

  • '22 July'


    Rated: R

    This movie is based on an actual terrorist attack that happened on July 22, 2011, which was the worst in Norway's history. There was a bombing and a shooting in which 70 people were killed. The film focuses on one of the young survivors, the families that were impacted by these events, and the country coming together to seek justice.

  • 'The Polka King'


    Rated: TV-14

    This dark comedy has an all-star cast. Jack Black plays the lead (Jan) who also has a polka band. Jenny Slate is his wife, and Jason Schwartzman is one of the bandmates. The Polka King actually follows a very real and very un-funny crime, in which Jan runs a Ponzi scheme and gets himself into serious trouble.

  • 'Mute'


    Rated: TV-MA

    For those looking for a way to see a few of Hollywood's leading men in one suspense-filled film, the answer is Mute, starring Paul Rudd, Alexander Skarsgard, and Justin Theroux. It takes place in the future, and Alexander plays a man who was left mute after an accident. As an adult, he works as a bartender, and goes on a mission to find his girlfriend after she mysteriously disappears.

  • 'The Hurricane Heist'


    Rated: PG-13

    A classic action movie involving bad guys and the ultimate heist, mixed with the very real threat of a storm? That's what goes down in this movie, in which criminals decide that the best time to rob $600 million from a US mint facility is right when a category 5 hurricane hits the area. However, a code, a Treasury agent, and two local men come between them and their goal.

  • 'Lesson from a School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane'


    Rated: TV-PG

    Sadly, school shootings are all too common in the United States, but we're not the only country that has experienced these tragedies. This documentary talks about the bond between one priest, who was involved in the burial of eight children following the Sandy Hook massacre, and another, from Dunblane, Scotland, who reached out after dealing with a similar tragedy years before.

  • 'In Darkness'


    Rated: TV-MA

    Game of Thrones fans will be excited to see that Natalie Dormer, aka Margaery Tyrell, has the lead role in this murder mystery (she also co-wrote it with her husband, who also directed it). The actress plays a blind pianist, who overhears a struggle and death of her neighbor (Emily Ratajkowski), which leads to her getting mixed up in London's criminal underworld.

  • '211'


    Rated: R

    Inspired by a real event, 211 has Nicolas Cage playing an aging police officer, who, on a routine patrol with a high school student as his passenger, finds himself in a standoff with former mercenaries turned bank robbers. For the most part, there's a lot of action and a lot of shooting involved here.

  • 'Calibre'


    Rated: TV-MA

    Any movie where best friends decide that it's a great idea to get away for the weekend is a spoiler in itself. We already know something terrible is going to happen, but instead of spending their days getting drunk, these guys opt to go hunting. We can already tell from the trailer that doesn't end well.

  • 'Stray Bullett'


    Rated: TV-14

    In the summer 2014, a 12-year-old girl named Genesis Rincon was hit and killed by a stray bullet in Paterson, New Jersey. This documentary shows while she lost her life that day, many other others were also impacted by the incident -- including Genesis's family, who had to deal with her death, and the family of the men who were accused of the crime.

  • 'Counterfeiting in Suburbia'


    Rated: TV-14

    There are plenty of movies about teens trying to steal their way to the top (hello, Bling Ring). But this time around, they get crafty -- as in they start producing counterfeit cash, which they make in their school's art room. It gets trickier once their teacher finds out what they're up to and wants in.

  • 'When Angels Sleep'


    Rated: TV-MA

    This is one of those movies that has the main characters attempting to do everything "right," but the harder they try, the worse things end up getting. The Spanish thriller follows a workaholic father who's trying to make it home to his family despite being extremely tired, and a teen girl, who finds herself in a bad situation with some guys. Well, the tired dad ends up hitting one of those teens with his car, and the craziness only builds from there.

  • 'The Sweetheart'


    Rated: TV-14

    Jane's parents are having marriage troubles, which only intensify when her dad is responsible for a car accident that leaves her injured. When the two separate, her mom gets a new, hot boyfriend, but Jane feels like something is up -- as in, this guy is trying to kill her, and maybe her mom, too.

  • 'Edge of Fear'


    Rated: TV-MA

    First of all, nothing good ever happens when people take a vacation in a secluded cabin. But in this case, convicted criminals show up, and they aren't playing around. They think they kill the husband, but it turns out he's alive, and now he's ready to fight with everything he has to save his wife's life.

  • 'The Warning'


    Rated: TV-MA

    After his friend is shot at a convenience store, a man named Jon, who's a mathematician and also has schizophrenia, discovers a pattern: Every few years, a murder occurs at the same place, on the same day, and each time, five people -- who are the ages 10, 21, 32, 42 and 53 -- are present. Jon takes it upon himself to try and stop the next one from occurring.

  • 'On My Skin: The Last Seven Days of Stefano Cucchi'


    Rated: TV-MA

    This Italian film is based on real events and tells a horrific and unfortunate story. After the title character, Stefano Cucchi, was arrested on minor drug charges, he spent a week in prison -- and somehow ended up dead. On My Skin touches on police brutality and how this man wasn't properly treated for his injuries.

    The whole thing is extra haunting since it actually happened.

  • 'Anon'


    Rated: TV-MA

    Look at this woman really quickly and it's almost impossible to tell that -- OMG -- Amanda Seyfried ... with brown hair ... and Clive Owen?


    Half sci-fi thriller, half crime drama, Anon takes place in the future. Thanks to an implant, privacy no longer exists, and everyone has a constant, visual stream of information. Then, while investigating a series of murders, a detective come across a woman who isn't in the database -- which literally has information about everyone -- and tries to track her down.

  • 'Deadly Scholars'


    Rated: TV-14

    This movie also occasionally goes by the name #SquadGoals. Deadly Scholars follows a girl who works for the school newspaper. It also focuses on the fact that two kids in her grade have mysteriously died. The main character soon realizes that both of these teens had been in line for a college scholarship and decides to find out who, exactly, wanted their spot enough to murder them.

  • 'Agatha and The Truth of Murder'


    Rated: TV-14

    Agatha Christie was a real-life crime writer, but this movie falls under the category of "alternative history," telling a dramatized story of what happened to her when she randomly disappeared for 11 days. (Yes, that really did happen.) In the movie, she is approached by a woman who wants her to investigate a murder, and ends up getting mixed up in an actual crime.

  • 'The Debt Collector'


    Rated: TV-MA

    What's a broke and talented martial arts instructor to do when he needs to make a little money? Take on a side gig with the mob, of course. That's what happens to the main character in this movie, who uses his skills to help gangsters collect their debt.

    It's easy to assume things won't go as smoothly as they'd hoped.

  • 'Darc'


    Rated: TV-MA

    Another one with a healthy dose of martial arts -- and yes, things end up getting very violent and a bit bloody. Darc is about an Interpool agent who wants to bring down a human trafficking ring, but realizes he'll need some help doing so. He opts to hire a "brutal criminal" (as described in the Netflix summary) who has inside knowledge of the group that's responsible.

  • 'Fatal Fashion'


    Rated: TV-14

    We don't know what to make of this violent thriller. On one hand, there's a photographer-turned-teacher who becomes deathly obsessed with her student who she thinks would make a great model. That's pretty cringey. But on another, it's just suspenseful, cheesy, and mind-blowing enough to really suck us in.

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