Mom Goes Missing Weeks After Having Twins & People Have the Audacity to Blame Her

Richmond Police Department

missing mom Savannah Spurlock
Richmond Police Department

On January 4, 22-year-old mother of four Savannah Spurlock went out to a local bar in Lexington, Kentucky, just weeks after giving birth to twins and never came home. Security footage shows Spurlock leaving with two men around 2:30 a.m. -- and it's sparking a lot of debate over who's at fault.

  • Spurlock called her mother, Ellen Spurlock, about 2:30 a.m. to let her know she'd be in late.

    Savannah Spurlock security camera
    Richmond Police Department/Facebook

    In reviewing security footage, Ellen said she doesn't know the two men her daughter was last seen with. 

    Shaquille Smith, however, Spurlock's ex-boyfriend and the father of the twins, says he does recognize them, and he believes the men know where she is. 

    "I do think the guys she was with that night know exactly where she is," Smith told Fox News. "I do think she is out there somewhere worried and thinking about her kids, family and friends."

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  • On Tuesday police obtained a warrant to search one of the men's homes but has not reported on any findings just yet. 

    Savannah Spurlock last seen.
    Richmond Police Department/Facebook

    And while police are urging anyone with information to come forward, as the story circulates around the web, people cannot help but put in their two cents on the situation.

  • Many have called into question Spurlock's outfit and just daring to go out to a bar so soon after having children. 

    facebook comment

    Others chimed in with commentary saying she must be "a little loose" and "I wouldn't be surprised if all of [her] children are illegitimate and being taken care of by grandma."

    Community members also noted her "excessive" tattoos and felt it was important to mention Spurlock left seemingly willingly with her alleged abductors. 

    A few even suspected that she ran away.

  • However, there were many other commenters who noted that no matter what Savannah was wearing or doing, she didn't deserve to be hurt. 


    Although police are still investigating and uncovering details, the fact remains that there is a missing woman and a hurting family. 

    Anyone with information is urged to contact Lt. Col. Rodney Richardson with Richmond police at (859) 624-4776.