Mom Says She Warned Authorities About Her 'Unstable' Ex-Husband -- & Then He Murdered Their 3 Kids

mom says she warned authorities before husband killed kids
Ams Lucas/Facebook

A devastated mom has been left to grieve for her three young children and boyfriend while also healing from her own injuries after they were all violently shot. According to officials, it was her ex-husband, Justin Painter, who killed them before turning the gun on himself. In the aftermath of her children's deaths, the mom posted a heartbreaking Facebook video from the hospital saying this tragedy could've been prevented -- if someone had just listened to her. 


CBS News reports that 39-year-old Painter went to his ex-wife Amanda Simpson's home in Ponder, Texas, early Wednesday morning. Shortly after arriving, he reportedly opened fire, murdering his two sons, his daughter, and Simpson's boyfriend, 29-year-old Seth Richardson, before killing himself. Although Simpson was also shot in the encounter, sustaining a bullet under her shoulder blades, broken ribs, and a broken bone in the neck, she was the only one to survive. 

While still recovering at Medical City Denton, Simpson took to Facebook Live to speak about the attack that took her kids' lives and the fact that she had already warned officials about her Painter's mental "instability."

In the video, Simpson makes it clear that she told the judge who handled the couple's divorce in 2017 that her ex had recently tried to commit suicide after she refused to stay with him. She also warned that Painter was abusive and a possible danger to her and their kids. "I made it very clear to the judge that he was mentally unstable and they didn't listen," she said tearfully. "So now, I don't have my babies." 

Authorities aren't releasing Painter's possible motives with the public yet. But the mom said she spoke with her ex-husband over the phone on Tuesday. When she said she had no interest in rekindling their relationship, he got incredibly angry. "He didn't like that," she said in the video. 

mom says she warned authorities before husband killed kids
Ams Lucas/Facebook

Now, Simpson is both devastated and traumatized after losing her kids in such a horrific way. "I've re-lived it over and over, and every time I close my eyes, I see my babies," she said. "I see them dead. Every time I close my eyes, you don't want to know what I see."

On Wednesday evening, the community of Ponder came together for a vigil for the three kids, building a small memorial on a playground near their home. As she mourns, Simpson has been left behind to make their funeral arrangements -- something she never expected she'd have to do. "You never think you will lose a child," she said in her video. "I always watch the news, and I stop watching it because so many children get killed. I just don't know what to do." 

Toward the end of the video, Simpson held up a framed photo of her three kids. "They asked me if I needed anything, if they could get me anything, and that's all I wanted," she said. 

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