Dad Turns Son in for Disturbing Gun Photos & Cops Find Child Pornography on His Phone


In the wake of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting on February 14, people across the country have been making a concerted effort to sniff out possible copycats and stop them before they get a chance to harm others. That's why a father, concerned about his teenage son's troubling social media posts about guns, turned him in to police. But during their investigation, detectives found something even more disturbing.


Just days after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, a father in Miami, Florida, notified local police after coming across photos of his 18-year-old son proudly displaying and brandishing guns on social media. According to the Miami Herald, the 18-year-old, Sean Mesa, was already known by both local and federal law enforcement agencies for his social media posts involving both weapons and threatening statements. Mesa had not been formally investigated by any agency, though.

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After his dad reported him, Miami-Dade detective John Messenger visited Mesa at Krop High School, where he attends school. Reports say Messenger made an attempt to "engage in a friendly conversation to understand what Sean Mesa's fascination with firearms was."

The teenager quickly went on the defense, informing the detective that "he likes guns and it was his right to post on social media whatever he wished." In the days following his encounter with Messenger, Mesa continued to make troubling social media posts. Eventually, the teen posted a photo on Snapchat of a semiautomatic pistol in his lap with the caption, "now they watching so I ain't stopping." After this, local police grew more concerned about the possibility of Mesa being a threat to others. 

Miami-Dade Police Department

"The latest Snapchat photos have students and staff at Dr. Michael Krop Senior High alarmed and afraid," read official documents obtained by the Miami Herald.

NBC Miami reports that investigators contacted Mesa's father, who agreed to give police both of Mesa's cell phones. The United States Secret Service examined the devices and found numerous videos of Mesa brandishing firearms -- at least one of them was an AK-47. But the most troubling discovery on the teenager's phone was a disturbing video of a child under the age of 10 being sexually abused.


According to the Miami Herald, the child pornography video had been sent to two other people in a group chat. On Thursday, February 22, Sean Mesa was arrested by Miami-Dade School Police. The Washington Post reports that he was charged with two felony counts of child pornography and one misdemeanor charge of carelessly handling a weapon. Mesa was not charged with making a terroristic threat, but convictions on his other charges could lead to years in prison, as well as a spot on a sex offender's registry.

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According to the Washington Post, Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Ian A. Moffett said in a statement that law enforcement is making every effort to catch those who are threatening vulnerable students, parents, and community members. "This latest arrest affirms our zero tolerance for actions that instill fear in a community and nation left grieving and traumatized over the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy," he said.

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