Mom Kills 9-Year-Old Daughter & Herself in Apparent Murder-Suicide


For one Utah family, the new year started with an unthinkable tragedy. The bodies of 41-year-old Karina Clark and her 9-year-old daughter Madison Clark were found in their Utah home on New Year's Eve. Law enforcement are stating that the two died in an apparent murder-suicide and may have been in their home for as long as three weeks before their bodies were discovered. The two leave behind grieving friends and family who are completely shocked at the news of their deaths. 


People reports that investigators believe Karina Clark fatally shot her 9-year-old before turning the gun on herself. Police officers were alerted to a possible problem at the family's home on New Year's Eve by a member of their church who noticed that a Christmas present placed near their front door hadn't been brought into the house for days. When police searched the home, they found a rifle and both the mother and daughter dead from gunshot wounds.

Unified Police Lt. Brian Lohrke shared that the mother and daughter lived alone and that their bodies could have been undiscovered in the home for anywhere from one to three weeks. While they are still attempting to determine exactly when the shooting happened, officials have been using Clark's social media activity to estimate the timeframe of their deaths. 

At an official press conference, Lohrke referred to the murder-suicide as "a tragic situation." He claimed that Karina Clark had been suffering from mental health issues for some time.


One of Clark's neighbors, Ben Cummins, told KUTV the mother had recently undergone gastric bypass surgery and often complained on social media about her pain medication. "She talked about her pain medicine, that she didn't like taking it. She was cutting back because she didn't want to feel like she was being controlled by something," he said. When asked about whether this medication may have played a role in her actions, Lt. Lohrke gave no comment.

The mother and daughter were also members of the LDS church. Cummins claims that the mother and daughter were avid members who attended many events and activities. "She was really involved with her church [...] she was a very outgoing person," he said. "I just can't think something like this, a tragedy like this, to happen."


Clark also leaves behind three other children. In an interview with Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, the oldest, Gibson Clark, claimed his mother had always struggled in raising her kids. "My mom was really troubled. We all grew up with her and we called child protective services on her quite a bit," he said.

Gibson said his mother's behavior, which was allegedly often violent, caused him and his siblings to distance themselves from their mother once they were all grown up and out of the house. "I think there was stuff going on in the house that we didn't know about," he said. 

Lt. Lohrke said investigators are still working diligently with close family members in an attempt to uncover a motive. "It's one of those situations where we're kind of just left in the dust right now, trying to figure out why a mother had the need to kill her 9-year-old daughter," he said. "It's a question that we may have forever."

A YouCaring page has been set up by Clark's niece in order to help cover funeral costs for the mother and daughter. In a post on Facebook, Clark's oldest daughter, Bailey Miller, said, "My mom, despite what has been done, was a good person. She struggled from mental illness for a while but her heart was always in a good place. That is why this incident is just so shocking."

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