Pregnant Mom Speaks Out After Her Boyfriend Allegedly Set Her on Fire

Pregnant mom
Arthur Grinage Sr/

After enduring an abusive relationship, Andrea Grinage filled a protective order against her boyfriend. However on September 8, Laquinn Phillips allegedly retaliated against her -- and the unborn child he didn't want -- by pouring gasoline on the pregnant woman and setting her Maryland apartment on fire. Grinage, who is also mom to a 15-year-old and an 8-year-old, managed to survive the devastating blaze. As she fought for her life, this strong woman was forced to deliver her baby girl seven weeks early. 

  • Grinage's boyfriend allegedly set her and her family's home on fire because he was upset that she was pregnant.

    Grinage miraculously survived after 70 percent of her body burned. She was forced to deliver her baby girl, Journey, seven weeks early and both were left in critical condition. "It all stems from him not wanting to take responsibility of him being a newborn dad,” Grinage's father, Arthur Grinage told ABC7. “He didn’t want that. And once a baby is conceived it’s too late for all that. You either step up and be a dad or you walk away.”

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  • The mom of three and her baby weren't expected to survive the devastating blaze.

    "Andrea and 'Journey ' were given a slight to no chances of survival, but NOW even her Doctors tear up at the progress she's made," Arthur wrote on her Go Fund Me page. "The devil could NOT have you THEN...and WONT get you now."

    Over the last three months, Grinage has endured multiple surgeries while her loved ones rally to replace all of her and her children's belongings that were destroyed in the fire. Despite the tremendous progress Grinage has made, her dad explained that every day is a struggle for his brave daughter. "Although you are talking and attempting to move around on your own, this do NOT paint the entire picture. You are NOT self sufficient ... the colostomy bag and the periodic changing of that 3 to 4 times a day ensures that," he wrote in an update. "Your surgical wounds have not healed completely, and have to be cleansed and dressed daily. Your anti-bacterial baths leave your skin dry and in some areas painfully raw."

  • Grinage lost everything in the fire -- except for her children and her will to survive.

    According to Grinage's dad, she has little feeling in her left hand and requires "extensive rehab" in order to regain her footing. "This is NOT a pity party for my daughter, but an update to let everyone understand ... this is NOT over," he wrote. "EVERY day presents a different challenge for Andrea, and she is STILL in need of your prayers, your kind thoughts, and your contributions which support her children and her care..."

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  • Grinage feels grateful to now be recovering at home and is speaking out about her abusive relationship.

    "With the severity of things, nobody expected me to be home so soon or be able to do the things that I’m doing," she told NBC News4. "Even with the aches and pain, I’m just happy to be home. I’m happy to be able to walk and speak."

    Although Grinage feels like she's made enormous progress over the least three months, she knows that she still has a long road ahead. "I’m truly grateful and blessed to be alive. I graciously ask for your continued prayers and support as I continue down this road to recovery," she wrote. "Lastly, for those that are in an abusive relationship, I plead that you leave or seek help. Love isn’t supposed to hurt."

    Phillips was charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder, arson, assault as well as several other charges. A second man, Jonathan Edward Miller, was also arrested and charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, arson, and assault for allegedly helping Phillips with the attack.