Woman Who Stole Baby to Cover Up Her Own Miscarriage Has Been Arrested


On Tuesday, December 19, new mother Carolina Flores was found fatally stabbed to death in her apartment in Houston, Texas, leading to an Amber Alert being issued for her 6-week-old daughter, Shamali. Two days later, Houston police announced that the baby had been found safe, but the details surrounding her disappearance have only gotten more disturbing. 


KHOU reports that Houston police, along with the FBI, found baby Shamali at the apartment of 28-year-old Erika J. Miranda-Alvarez on Thursday morning. While the 6-week-old appeared to be unharmed, law enforcement transported her to the hospital to ensure her safety.

Once the little girl was safe, police arrested Miranda-Alvarez and charged her with capital murder for the death of Carolina Flores. According to investigators, Miranda-Alvarez knew Flores and her child through the victim's brother.

Houston Police

Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo alleges that Miranda-Alvarez murdered Flores and stole her baby in an attempt to cover up her own miscarriage. Investigators revealed that Miranda-Alvares suffered a miscarriage in January 2017. The woman allegedly hid her miscarriage from her family, and soon after the child was meant to be born, she told them that the baby was in the hospital due to an illness. Shortly after, she allegedly kidnapped Shamali Flores to attempt to pass her off as her own child. 


When officers located the child, she was with Miranda-Alvarez and the woman's boyfriend. Officials said that the two appeared to be trying to leave with the baby, but were apprehended by SWAT officers and FBI officials without struggle. While the man has not been charged with any crime, he is currently under investigation. 

Currently, Shamali Flores is safe in the care of Texas Child Protective Services. Chief Acevedo says that investigators are still working hard to attempt to fully piece together the story that led to the horrific death of a mother and her child's subsequent kidnapping. 

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