Mom's Boyfriend Allegedly Sexually Abused 3-Year-Old Before Her Death

Onslow County Sheriff's Office

On Sunday evening, the frantic search for 3-year-old Mariah Woods ended with finding her body. Shortly before the discovery, her mother's live-in boyfriend, Earl Kimrey, was arrested in connection with her disappearance. He was originally brought up on charges of concealing a death and obstruction of justice, among other things, but it looks like that might not be all. Now, new developments are showing that Kimrey may have sexually abused Mariah before her death. 


As of now, 32-year-old Earl Kimrey has been officially accused of disposing of Mariah's body about 25 miles away from her home in Jacksonville, North Carolina. While he has not yet been charged with the child's murder, CPS documents given to a local television news station by Mariah's father, Alex Woods, allege that Kimrey sexually abused Mariah and her two brothers. 

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According to Jacksonville Daily News, the documents have not been verified yet, but they reveal some details about the sexual abuse Mariah faced at the hands of her mom's boyfriend. They also detail the abuse of her two brothers, mentioning beatings with belts and punches to the face in addition to sexual violence. 

Jacksonville Daily News reports that the documents in question show that from interviews conducted with both of Mariah's brothers, the courts believe that the children have suffered "a substantial risk of physical injury or sexual abuse because of the parent, guardian, custodian, or caretaker has created conditions likely to cause injury or abuse or has failed to provide, or is unable to provide, adequate supervision or protection."

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The documents reveal that one of the boys claimed to have actually witnessed Kimrey's sexual abuse of Mariah firsthand. The child also shared that Mariah's mom, Kristy Woods, allegedly knew about the abuse her children were suffering. 

Both boys have been placed in the custody of their grandmother, Kristy Wood's mom, while their parents continue to fight each other in a grueling custody battle. 

After her daughter's disappearance, Kristy claimed that her boyfriend was the last person to see Mariah on November 26 when the little girl woke up in the middle of the night. On November 27, Kristy said she woke up, noticed her daughter missing, and immediately reported the disappearance to the police. 

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While Kimrey's arrest warrant claims that he moved Mariah's body from the place of her death and "secretly disposed of the dead child's body," officials have yet to reveal the little girl's official cause of death. As of Thursday, December 7, the investigation is still ongoing.

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