Police Arrest the Mom of the 3-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Texas

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After 3-year-old Sherin Mathews was found dead last month and her father, Wesley, was arrested in connection with her death, the country naturally assumed the case would be winding down. But in its quest to bring justice to whoever is responsible for the girl's senseless death, Texas law enforcement has uncovered even more troubling events surrounding Sherin's passing. These events resulted in Sini Mathews, Sherin's mother, being arrested on Thursday.


Sherin Mathews was originally reported missing after her father said he left her outside by a tree in the middle of the night after she refused to drink her milk. Once her body was recovered, the father changed his story and told investigators the little girl had accidentally choked and died while he was trying to force her to drink milk. He also said that he moved her body to a culvert a mile away from the family home, which is where her body had been found.

While Wesley Mathews's story changed twice between the time his daughter was reported missing and when he was brought up on felony charges for injury to a child, Sini Mathews's story has remained the same. The mother claims she was sleeping at the time of their adopted daughter's disappearance and, as such, is innocent. Still, on Thursday, November 16, after learning of a warrant out for her arrest, Sini turned herself into Richardson police and was officially charged with felony child endangerment. 

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An official statement by Richardson PD says charges were brought when investigators found evidence that on Friday, October 6 -- the night of Sherin's disappearance -- Sini and Wesley Mathews left the 3-year-old home alone while they took their other daughter out to dinner.

Richardson Police Department/Facebook

According to NBC 5 KXAS, investigators found phone records showing that both Wesley and Sini visited a restaurant on the evening of October 6. Receipts obtained by police show the couple ordered only one child's meal and two adult meals. A waiter at the restaurant also told detectives the couple had come in with only one child.

According to Richardson PD, Sini and Wesley Mathews placed Sherin in "imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment" by leaving her home alone that evening. Kevin Perlich, a spokesperson with the Richardson Police Department, told NBC 5 KXAS, "The time that they left, she was not under the care of any other adult or of any other person, she was left home alone by herself and it's for that reason that you see this particular charge. It's not necessarily related to her death, it's related to her care that she was being given while she was in that home."

Perlich also said officials are trying to determine if this incident was directly related to Sherin's death. In an interview with detectives, Wesley Mathews claimed he left his daughter home alone after becoming frustrated with her for not drinking her milk. Both Sini and Wesley told detectives that when they returned home for the evening, Sherin was still alive. Police have, as of now, been unable to confirm whether or not that is true.

Richardson Police Department/Facebook

At this time, the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office is still working to determine Sherin Mathews's official cause of death. For now, Sini Mathews is being held on $250,000 bond. Her husband remains in jail and is being held on a $1 million bond. The couple's other child is being placed with family in Houston, Texas, in the wake of her parents' arrests. 

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It is incredibly disheartening to hear that Sherin's mother may have been more involved in her disappearance and death than originally thought. Still, we are hopeful that police are getting closer to determining what really happened.

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