New Video of Sherri Papini Moments After She Was Released by Kidnappers Raises So Many Questions

sherri papini video release
Shasta County Sheriff's Office; KCRA3/Facebook

Today the Shasta County Sheriff's Office finally released the much-anticipated surveillance video in the Sherri Papini kidnapping case that they mentioned a few weeks ago, when they also released new sketches of her alleged kidnappers. They say the dark figure in the video, who is sprinting through the early morning of Thanksgiving Day 2016 near a Woodland, California, church, is the mom of two, right before she was found, released by her captors, on the side of the I-5. The video is short, grainy, and a little spooky; however, can it help crack the case?

  • Here's the video. See what you think.

    Go ahead. Watch it a few more times. Obviously, we watched it many, many times. 

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  • Right away, commenters had questions about the video.

    It is REALLY hard to see any details about the figure. How can anyone be sure it's Papini? We can't even see so much as a flash of her blonde hair, which is said to have been cut to shoulder length at this point. It's impossible, in fact, to even discern if this is a man or a woman, an adult or a child ... 

  • So what can we see in the video?

    According to Sgt. Brian Jackson, the clothes Sherri Papini was wearing when she was found were a dark gray sweatshirt and light gray sweatpants. And it does appear the figure in this video is, indeed, wearing a dark top and lighter bottoms. Beyond the quick desperation of the running, we can't see much else. Can you? 

    The figure does appear to run one way and then back the other way. We're assuming she's running toward the church and then away when she realizes there's no one there at that hour. But that's pure guessing on our part since we can't really tell which direction is the church and which direction is the interstate, where she ultimately flagged down a passing motorist.

  • But, if you know this case, something doesn't make sense ...

    Those familiar with the case remembered that Papini was somehow restrained when she was found. We remembered the same thing, so we looked back at the description released by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. And yes, there were restraints. 

  • Let's look even more closely.

    According to Sgt. Jackson, when Papini was found, she had a chain around her waist with her left wrist tethered to it by a zip-tie. She also had hose clamps around her ankles, apparently a form of "pain compliance restraints."

    Of course, it's virtually impossible to see Papini's left hand constraint in this video, and the clamps on her ankles clearly didn't impede her from running -- and we'd run like hell, too, in her situation, kidnapped and stolen away, separated from her husband and babies for almost three weeks. 

    But why did law enforcement release this video at all? It doesn't seem to tell us much of anything and only makes us more worried that the Shasta County Sheriff's Office is at a complete and total dead end with this case.