New Details in Sherri Papini Kidnapping Case Include DNA & a Mystery Man

Sherri Papini
Shasta County Sheriff's Office

It's been almost one year since the mysterious kidnapping of Sherri Papini, the Northern California "super-mom"-of-two, who was then just as mysteriously released on the side of a dark highway about three weeks later, on Thanksgiving morning 2016. The strange abduction case made it back into the news cycle today with some new information from detectives on the case. There are reports about the DNA found on Papini, newly released sketches of the alleged captors, as well as some information about a mystery man Papini was allegedly texting with in the days prior to her kidnapping. Is this case about to break wide open or are these just more wild twists in an already complicated case?

  • Investigators are now saying Papini had mysterious male DNA on her clothing although she says she was held captive by two women.

    Sherri Keith Papini
    Record Searchlight

    Sgt. Brian Jackson says investigators found both male and female DNA on Papini, but that the female DNA came from Papini herself. The male DNA was found on her clothing, and it was not from her husband Keith Papini. 

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  • For the first time this week, the Shasta County Sheriff's Office released these sketches of the captors, based on Papini's descriptions.

    police sketches Papini captors
    Shasta County Sheriff's Office

    Skeptics found Papini's earlier descriptions of her captors to be quite vague, unhelpful, and even unbelievable. The Shasta County Sheriff's Office has finally released sketches of the captors from an FBI sketch artist who met with Papini. No word on why it took almost a year for these to be released to the public. 

    A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the identification of the two females. Anyone with information about these women or the Papini investigation is urged to call the FBI's Sacramento office at 916-746-7000.

  • Also, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office is now opening up about a mystery man who came onto their radar due to texts between him and Papini.

    mystery man shadows

    The sheriff's office just revealed they looked into an alleged relationship that Papini may have been having with a "male acquaintance from Michigan." The man is said to have been coming to California for business, and the sheriff's office says Papini was planning to meet up with him in the days before she disappeared. Detectives also determined this man not to be involved in her disappearance so, while curious, it also sounds like a bit of a dead end. 

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  • With all this latest news in the Papini case, skeptics remained ... well, very very skeptical.


    This case is nothing if not completely mind-boggling. 

  • However, many came to Papini's defense and reminded us not to blame victims of horrific crimes like this one.

    We're just glad this story is back in the news. Stories like these almost never get solved if they stay in the archives. It's always new news that leads to arrests, and we just hope for Papini and her community's sake that answers -- and justice -- will soon follow.