Dad Killed by Carjackers While Trying to Save His 2-Year-Old Daughter

 dad killed protecting daughter in carjacking
Kristin Grandzol/Facebook

Senseless acts of violence happen every single day, often forcing regular people to step in and risk their own lives in defense of others. For parents, our willingness to risk everything for our children's safety is something we're always aware of, even if it puts us in extreme danger. That was certainly the case for a father in Philadelphia who was tragically murdered while protecting his daughter during a carjacking.


Thirty-eight-year-old Gerard Grandzol took his 2-year-old daughter and the family dog on an outing last Thursday and was shot dead in a horrific turn of events before he could make it home.

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Upon returning to his residence, Grandzol was approached by two males who proceeded to rob him, demanding that he hand over both his wallet and his car keys. According to police, the man did not resist their attempts, only requesting that he be allowed to remove his daughter from the car. 

Presumably feeling as if the man wasn't moving fast enough, one of the alleged suspects shot Grandzol in the head twice in front of his daughter, who remained in the car unharmed. 

dad killed protecting daughter in carjacking
Kristin Grandzol/Facebook

"They wanted the car; he wouldn't give up the car. And they shot him for it," said Homicide Capt. John Ryan, according to CBS Philly

Grandzol was rushed to the Hahnemann University Hospital by responding police officers soon after the shooting but was unfortunately pronounced dead later that evening. 

The two suspects -- brothers Marvin and Maurice Roberts -- are 16 and 21 years old respectively. The younger of the two has been charged as an adult with murder, robbery, carjacking, and other offenses related to the incident. 

Gerard Grandzol is survived by his wife, Kristin, and his two daughters. His neighbors in their close-knit community are devastated by the events and have rallied in support of his family. They also created a GoFundMe to help Grandzol's wife with expenses.

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"He was just the best father to our two girls that you could even imagine," Kristin told KYW Newsradio in a heartbreaking interview. "He was welcoming to everyone in the neighborhood. Everybody loved him and he was just the best. Those two gunshots just destroyed my life and my two daughters don't have a father now. I have a 6-week-old daughter and a 2½-year-old who saw the whole thing and I don't know if she'll ever be right."

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