Father of Missing Dylan Redwine Arrested for His Murder After 4 Years & the Story Just Gets Worse

dylan redwine
La Plata County Sheriff's OfficeYears after the disappearance of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, we finally have some real answers about the teen's tragic murder -- and the truth is even worse than we expected (if that's possible). Dylan's father, Mark Redwine, was arrested on July 22 for second degree murder and child abuse resulting in death -- and thanks to Dylan's older brother, Cory, we now know what might have motivated Redwine to commit this horrible crime.


Dylan was last seen being picked up by his father for a court-appointed visit at Durango-La Plata County Airport in Colorado on November 18, 2012. Mark Redwine and Dylan's mother, Elaine Hall, were in the middle of a divorce and contentious custody battle at the time, and according to Cory, Dylan didn't want to visit his father for Thanksgiving.

Hall says Dylan disappeared the next day, November 19. His partial remains were found in 2013 off an ATV trail not far from Redwine's home; also that year, investigators found blood stains that came from Dylan in Redwine's home. In 2015, hikers discovered Dylan's skull further up the same mountain where the other remains were found. Investigators say he died from blunt force trauma to the head.

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It's been a long road to justice for Dylan's family, but Cory said he wasn't surprised by Redwine's arrest.

"We didn't know what [Redwine] had done with him but from the very beginning we knew he was involved," he said.

The question is, why? Why would any parent kill his own child? Cory has an idea, and it's absolutely horrifying. He believes his brother's murder has something to do with "graphic" sexual photos Cory and Dylan found on Redwine's laptop, depicting their father wearing a diaper, handling human waste, and cross-dressing. Both the boys were upset by the photos, Cory said, but Dylan planned to confront his dad about them. 

"Dylan was getting old enough to speak his mind; we encouraged him to," Cory said. "We encouraged him to tell him how he felt. You should always be able to tell your dad how you feel, and have some sort of understanding. He was definitely going down there with a bigger voice than he had before."

So heartbreaking. To think that this child was murdered by his own parent simply because he tried to express his feelings and communicate is just beyond comprehension. As is the fact that Dylan clearly didn't want to go on that particular visit -- did he have a bad feeling about seeing his father? Hall told police that Redwine had threatened during their divorce to "kill the kids before he let [Hall] have them." Maybe when the photos were discovered he was afraid he would lose his kids to his ex?

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Ultimately, of course, Redwine's motivation doesn't really matter. Dylan's murder was the ultimate betrayal of trust, a true crime against nature and decency. This poor boy should have felt 100 percent safe with his father. Instead, he ended up the victim of a heartbreaking crime.

Redwine is currently being held on $1 million cash-only bond in Washington, and it seems unlikely that he'll be out from behind bars anytime soon.

"[Redwine's arrest] makes us happy and relieved that justice is actually on its way to getting served for my little brother," Cory said.

May Dylan rest in peace.

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