Neighbors of Kidnapped Sherri Papini Protect Her & Say She's a 'Nervous Wreck'

Sherri Papini wedding photo

It's been eight months since the mysterious disappearance and subsequent release of kidnapped Northern California mom-of-two Sherri Papini. Her three-week disappearance launched a nationwide media frenzy, and after she was found bound, beaten, and branded on a random highway miles from home, the questions didn't stop. However, now her neighbors have had enough. They're begging reporters to back off, pointing to the fragile state of Papini's mental health. 


"It's been a nightmare," an older gentleman and neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous told KRCR News Channel 7. "[They are] prying on these kids' privacy ... The girl [Sherri Papini] is on the verge of a breakdown and these people don't realize it," he says.

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Along with her neighbors, other people in the community believe the Papini family is entitled to their privacy. They want the family, especially their young kids, to be left alone. However, as seen in the comments on the recent Papini news story, there are still others who demand answers and believe Papini should have come out publicly and told her story, especially since so much of the community got involved in the search for her and even raised money to help find her.  

Sherri Papini debate

For now, at least one nearby neighbor has Papini's back. He says, "... if I catch them down here, I will call the sheriff. The FBI was out here and everything and said they will impound anything you are driving."

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No matter what you believe about Papini's abduction, you can certainly feel for this community. The alleged kidnappers have not been found, there are no new leads on the case, and her disappearance still has no real explanation -- and that's enough to leave anyone feeling on edge about random cars and people roaming around the neighborhood where it happened. 

We continue to send good thoughts to this family after their ordeal and hope they will find some peace in it all. It makes perfect sense to us that Sherri Papini would be a "nervous wreck" not even one year after she was taken from her family. That's a trauma that will never leave. 

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