This Incinerated Car Is Exactly Why Boys & Fireworks Don't Mix

incinerated car fireworks
Stories about kids without drivers' licenses taking the family car out on a joyride rarely end well, though usually these tales take a turn for the worse with a fender bender (and that's the best case scenario). But when one 14-year-old Washington boy took his mother's SUV on a secret mission to buy fireworks, the actual driving part went just fine -- it was the fireworks part that ended up totaling the car.


Thankfully -- and, quite frankly, miraculously -- no one was hurt in the incident. But someone most certainly could have been, judging from King County sheriff's Sgt. Cindi West's description of the day's events:

"This morning, a 14-year-old boy took his mom's car without her knowing, picked up friends, and bought fireworks," West told Q13 Fox. "They ... came home, parked the car in the driveway. One of the windows was open and during a Roman candle fight, a firework went into the window and lit the car on fire."

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D'oh! It was almost the perfect crime, and then ... teenagers. Also, this:

Yikes! Well, if you ever wondered what would happen if you threw a Roman candle into a car (which you probably never did), now you know. I guess we have to give the kid who drove some credit for making it to the store and back without, apparently, violating any major traffic laws or knocking over any mailboxes (of course it goes without saying that he had no business going anywhere near his mom's car). But a Roman candle fight? That's some straight-up horrible adolescent judgment right there. Who knows where that thing could've landed?! One hates to think what could've happened if the firecracker fell near one of the kids instead of in that open window, considering the state of that poor car.

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According to the sheriff's office, the teen's mother is not pressing charges, but there is still an investigation ongoing (West told Q13 Fox it's illegal in King County to sell fireworks to anyone under 16, which sounds like a very sensible law). And hopefully these kids have learned their lesson: Underage driving can have serious consequences, especially when Roman candle fights are involved.

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