Watch This Badass Expectant Mom Chase Her Robber Like It's NBD

pregnant woman chases robber
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Life can deal us unthinkable situations that will require a fight-or-flight response, and one woman has proven you don't want to mess with a mom-to-be. People are still in disbelief that Jannette Garlow, a woman who's eight months pregnant, chased after a robber who attempted to steal $2,000 from her while she was trying to buy a cashier's check that would pay her family's rent. Needless to say, you might want to think twice about targeting a pregnant woman.


Janette tells KTLA 5 News the unnamed perp came out of nowhere and dragged her to the floor as he tried to leave with her money.

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As surveillance footage from the convenient store shows, that didn't stop Mom from leaping into action.

"All I could really think was, 'you're not taking my rent money,'" Garlow tells KTLA 5 News. "My husband just worked so hard for that money, I'm going to get that money back."

Jannette Garlow


Although the robber is still at large (Garlow says he jumped into a white Ford Fusion), it's hard not to bow down to this badass of a mom-to-be for acting so swiftly. Thankfully, Mom and baby are doing just fine and the criminal who tried to rob Jannette only got away with $40, which is certainly better than $2000.

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Since the incident, people have been chiming in on the situation.

People respond to Jannette Garlow's crazy ordeal
KTLA 5 News/Facebook

Commenters respond to Jannette Garlow's crazy ordeal
KTLA 5 News/Facebook

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Jannette, however, had no problem responding to everyone who's so quick to judge this expectant mother.

"As for everyone passing judgment on me, that's fine...have your opinions," Garlow writes in response to the criticism. She continues:

I clearly stated that it was not a smart decision to chase him and if given the time to think I wouldn't have struggled with him, but it was fight or flight instinct. The money makes a difference of whether my husband, my son and myself have a roof over our heads and yes it is not worth our lives; but again in the moment all I thought was my money was taken that we have worked very hard for and I needed to get it back. 

You guys can judge me all you want, but many of you don't even know how you would truly react being put in the situation yourself.

Yes! Let them know!

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Obviously, Jannette didn't wake up the day of the incident and say, Self, you know what I think I want to do today? I think I want to chase after the man who will try to take my rent money -- because that sounds like a wonderful idea!

Thinking back to the times I was pregnant, I remember having similar Hulk moments like this. There's something about being an expectant mother that can take you from zero to Mama bear mode reallll quick.

And that doesn't mean I or Jannette are encouraging pregnant women to take on the world and hop on car roofs ... but I get it.

Glad to hear you're doing okay, Mom.

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