Brave 11-Year-Old Calls 911 From Closet During Harrowing Home Invasion

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While you never know how you might react in an emergency situation, one young girl is safe because of her ability to stay cool and calm in the midst of a crisis. When she realized intruders were breaking into her Orange County, Florida, home, 11-year-old Ashley hid in her closet and called 911 as she pleaded with dispatchers, "Please, I need help. I need help. They're breaking into my house. Please come really quick. Please help! They're coming!"


Ashley had called her mom, who had gone to the store, to ask her if they knew anyone who had a purple Kia -- the car the suspects drove. When the tween, who went to hide in her bedroom closet, heard a window break, it was clear that the suspects were attempting to enter the home. Her quick-thinking mom told her to call 911 immediately.  

The terrifying 10-minute call begins as the suspects enter Ashley's home and ends when her mother and police arrive at the scene. And it's enough to give anyone chills.

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She took control of the situation and handled the call like a champ, but it was apparent that she was scared for her life and so terrified that she seemed to forget her address. 

You really have to hand it to this young girl and the 911 dispatcher, who helped her remain as calm as she could be in what had to be the most harrowing moments of her life. You hear the men enter the room where she's hiding -- and, in her frightened voice, she tells them, "Oh no, please! I won't say anything! I promise you."

Thankfully, the men didn't try to take her with them along with the $13,000 worth of presents they snatched from under the family's Christmas tree and other valuables they found in the home. This story could easily have had a much different ending.

Thanks to Ashley's account of the men and their vehicle, police were able to apprehend the suspects, who ultimately crashed their getaway car. The police were also able to find the family's belongings, and they're expected to be returned on Thursday.

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It also breaks your heart when you hear Ashley hoping that they haven't hurt the family dog. She was also fearful that her parents would get in trouble for leaving her alone at a young age. The 911 dispatcher assured her that even though she was just 11, she was doing a great job.

Ashley had a chance to meet the dispatcher Michele Fernandez, whom she referred to as "kind of a lifesaver." Aww.

What a brave little girl. We can't even imagine what must have been going through her mom's mind when she got the terrifying call from her daughter. Chances are she won't be leaving her alone again any time soon -- like probably not for the next decade. 

While this little girl will no doubt have some mental and emotional scars from this horrifying incident, we're just glad she's physically okay.

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