Charleston Shooter's Mom Reportedly Collapsed in Court -- Can We Blame Her?

Randall Hill -- Pool/GettyImages

When a woman becomes a mother, she almost always begins pondering the dreams and aspirations she has for her child's future. So, it's no wonder that the mother of an accused cold-blooded killer would collapse under the tremendous weight of the horror he's inflicted on so many innocent families. According to Dylann Roof's attorney, the 22-year-old's mom suffered a heart attack shortly after the federal death penalty trial against her son -- accused of murdering nine black church members during a Bible study in a racially charged shooting -- commenced. 


A then 21-year-old Roof confessed to entering the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and opening fire -- and now faces 33 federal charges, which include hate crimes.

Following Wednesday's emotional testimony from survivor Felicia Sanders, Roof's mom supposedly collapsed and was heard saying "I'm sorry" multiple times as court security and family members came to her aid.

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Though, of course, it's impossible to know everything about how Roof was raised or his mother's parenting style, one has to imagine that she feels an incredible sense of guilt.

Clearly, something went horribly wrong for Roof somewhere along the way. Perhaps his mom even blames herself and is haunted wondering what she could've done to prevent this devastating massacre. And, as moms, we totally get it.

Even if your child does something minor compared to the unthinkable act Roof is accused of, such as push another child on the playground or lie to an adult, most moms will stop and ask themselves, "Where am I going wrong?" and "What can I do differently?" 

Roof's mother must be feeling that exponentially. Coming face-to-face with the suffering her son is said to have inflicted is understandably more than this mother could bear. 

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No mother ever wants to think she raised a child who could end up a calculating, cold-blooded killer. News of Roof's mom's heart attack surfaced after his attorney mentioned it in court documents asking for a mistrial based on Sanders' testimony, which recounted the nightmare of watching her son and her aunt shot to death as she hid with her granddaughter beneath a table. 

Calling him "evil," Sanders reportedly stated, "He said he was going to kill himself ... There's no place on Earth for him other than the pit of hell," which Roof's attorney considers grounds for a mistrial as he believes it suggests what his client's sentence should be. 

US District Judge Richard Gergel denied the mistrial request, adding that he interpreted Sanders' testimony as "a religious comment."

We imagine that the horrors Roof's mom will hear have only just begun. She may never understand what drove her son to open fire at the church that day, and that, too, will no doubt haunt her for the rest of her life.  

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