New Sherri Papini Interviews Reveal Details About Her Kidnappers

Sherri Keith Papini
ABC News

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit in Northern California is still hard at work trying to hunt down answers in the abduction and release of "super mom" Sherri Papini. According to the most recent press conference given by Sheriff Bosenko, detectives have undertaken the tough job of interviewing Sherri about her ordeal a few more times. "The interviews were very intense for both the investigators and for Sherri, due to her having to relive this traumatic event," said Bosenko. "She was cooperative and courageous during the interviews." So what came out of these new interviews and what's next in the investigation?


Here is the new information about Sherri's abduction and her kidnappers that came out of these new interviews, as provided via Sheriff Bosenko: 

  • Sherri described her captors as two "Hispanic female adults" who spoke in Spanish most of the time. When Bosenko was asked if there were any male captors, he responded, "All the information that we have at this time are the two Hispanic females. They were armed with a handgun, and that's all we have at this time. Of course, if other information develops, we'll let you know."
  • Female Suspect No. 1 was the younger of the two women, and she had long, curly hair, a thick accent, pierced ears, and thin eyebrows.
  • Female Suspect No. 2 was the older of the two women, and she had straight black hair with some grayness and thick eyebrows. 
  • The two suspects kept their faces concealed much of the time in order to hide their identities. Sherri said other times her own head was covered, which did not allow her to see the women.
  • Bosenko also confirmed the horrifying detail we already heard in Sherri's husband Keith Papini's statement -- she was branded by her captors. Bosenko would not discuss where the brand is located on her body or what the brand said. However, Bosenko told ABC News that the branding on Sherri is "not a symbol, but it was a message ... Could be a message to her. It could be a message to others." 
A question from the press did come in on at least one major Internet rumor that's being widely discussed. Did Sherri Papini write a blog post about 13 years ago under her maiden name Graeff, in which she vented openly about ongoing troubles with "Latino girls" and discussed details of more than one physical altercation with these girls and others? The writer of this archived post believed she was targeted by this group because she was "drug-free, white, and proud of my blood and heritage."

Bosenko responded to this question by saying: "We are familiar with that blog that you're referring to. It was written -- at least posted -- in 2003, roughly 13 years ago. She would have been about 20 or 21. We do not know that it has any relevance to this case or not."

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Investigators still do not have a motive as to why Sherri was abducted. Bosenko explained, "We do not know if she was a specific target or if this was a random abduction." In other words, they either have no evidence at this time that this kidnapping was linked to human trafficking or something or someone from Sherri Papini's past -- or they simply cannot say at this time.

No further one-on-one interviews, press conferences, or news releases are scheduled with the Shasta County Sheriff's Office until there is new information in the case. 

However, this Friday evening, ABC's 20/20 will air the first interview with Keith Papini since his wife's release. That's not going to be fun to watch, but we do hope the press he's doing helps law enforcement find answers in this horrifying case. 

If you have any information related to Sherri Papini's abduction or release, the dark-colored SUV, or the identity of the suspects, call your local law enforcement authority. You may also call the Shasta County Sheriff's Office 24-hour tip line at 530-245-6135 or Shasta County Secret Witness line at 530-243-2319.

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