Mom Being Held Hostage Sends 11-Year-Old to School With a Note That Saves Her

Sending secrets during class

Most parents dread their child bringing home a note from school, but this story makes the thought of any teacher conference or communication a welcome experience. It's beyond imaginable to picture a mother held hostage sending a note with her daughter to school, but that's exactly what happened to this unnamed family in Clinton, Louisiana.



Thanks to this mom's swift thinking and her 11-year-old daughter passing her note to a teacher at East Feliciana Middle School -- indicating she was in trouble -- this duo is doing just fine.

Sheriff Jeff Travis and his team in East Feliciana Parish were quickly informed of the situation and questioned the young student before heading to her home to apprehend wanted suspect Donald Ray Guy, who was reportedly hiding in the closet.

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And although Guy has had success dodging authorities in the past, it looks like this creep's luck just ran out. NBC4i reports that Guy is facing new charges -- including the false imprisonment -- on top of domestic violence and battery charges in another Louisiana parish and being wanted for missing court dates.

What reportedly happened to these ladies sent chills down my spine! I can't even begin to place myself in this mom's situation, how I would act being held hostage, or thinking about the safety of my child. Thank goodness this family is okay. The school immediately contacted authorities, and the sherrif's department was able to get Donald Ray Guy into custody.

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Why this man thought holding this mother hostage is beyond us and we definitely don't have all the details, but we're beyond grateful Donald Ray Guy was caught and this mommy-daughter duo can finally have the peace they deserve.

Ugh, chills.


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